Reaves Research and Consulting

Stacy W. Reaves, LLC doing business as Reaves Research and Consulting has been in business since 2016. The company and its members have done contract work for small private organizations as well as local government agencies and the Department of the Interior National Park System.  It is the goal of the company to win historical and cultural research and report contracts, national register nominations, section 106 compliance, historic district documentation and nominations as well as museum consulting from the United States Federal Government, State and Local Government and private organizations and individuals.

Recent projects include:

Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Gale Clark Memorial Museum– Tulsa, OK.  (2016)Museum Exhibits and Collections Storage, policies, procedures, cataloguing.

Minuteman Missile NHS -South Dakota – 23 Oral interviews and transcripts with former missileers, facility managers, policy makers including former Vice President Dick Cheney, and peace activists.

Fort Frederica National Monument– St. Simeon Island, Ga. (2017)Part of a team of architectural historian and archeologist updating National Register Nomination for colonial Georgia fort.

Mission 66 Architecture – Pipestone National Monument – Report on the Mission 66 Architecture and its role at Pipestone National Monument.

Nickles Machine Shop – Ponca City, OK – Successful National Register Nomination.

CME Kimborough Chapel – Ponca City, OK – Successful National Register Nomination.

Acorn House – Ponca City, OK – Successful National Register Nomination

Webster High School – Tulsa, OK – National Register Nomination in process.

Contract Services:

Historical Research

  • Historical Reports- this includes site administrative history
  • Research and writing of historical articles, pamphlets and books
  • Archival searches
  • Archival research and reports

Museum consulting:

  • Artifact registration and cataloguing
  • Consultation on storage and preservation
  • Consultation on collection’s management
  • Exhibit research and display

National Register Nominations

The process of putting a structure on to the National Register is a long and time consuming process that can be confusing. Each state’s State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) works a little different. In many cases there are also county and local agency and boards with jurisdiction that have to be worked with. Finally, there is the property owner. Many times local historic preservation groups or alumni organizations that are interested in doing a National Register Nomination are not the property owner. Reaves Research and Consulting has experience in working with all of these situations and can guide your organization through the process. No one can promise that a building or particular structure will make the State or National Register. What we can promise is that we will prepare the best package possible documenting the structure, it’s current state, as well as its context in history. We will work with the State SHPO office to ensure that the nomination package is moved through the state approval process. And we will work with your organization to help you understand the process.

Please contact  Reaves Research and Consulting via email to discuss your project and receive a quote.