Lost Sculptors

Photo by Jimmy and Linda Christopher- Memphis, TN.

Wisconsin Monument at Shiloh

Through my research on battlefield monuments I have come to realize that history and the American public have forgotten many great sculptors of the late 19th and early 20th century. This was a period of monument building and remembering great men and the past. It was a time in which sculptors flourished. The great world fairs- the columbian, St. Louis, New York, all hired sculptors and architects to create the amazing “cities” and their art. However only a handful of the names of these men have survived in public memory. ┬áRichard W. Bock, Frederick Triebel, Frederick C. Hibbard, Robert Porter Bringhurst are just a few. Their work continues to stand and grace courthouse squares, parks and battlefields, but their names are no long remembered. At least we can admire their work.

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